Academic Procrastination 2006

I came across Fumbling Toward Geekdom while checking my referrer logs, and found this great personal review of anti-procrastination techniques that the author, an academic with the handle “StyleyGeek”, had herself tried in 2006. In short: what worked, what didn’t, with many interesting links to tricks like:

  • The Invisibility Cloak
  • Unscheduling
  • Contingency Management.

Intriguing! There’s also a link in this followup post describing an idea called rebooting your day, culled from a list of programmer productivity tips. It’s awesome:

As a last resort, reboot your day. This is something I do not just with work, but any time a day is going so incredibly badly it just can’t be saved. Turn off the lights and take a quick nap. 20 minutes is best. When you get up, take a shower, make a small breakfast, and just go through your morning routine as if it were the first time. Try to forget anything prior even happened.

Through Fumbling Toward Geekdom, I found another link to Jim Gibbon’s 5 Productivity Tips of 2006, which lists still more techniques I haven’t tried. Sweet!