Emergent Task Timer 2007 Form Updates

Emergent Task Timer 2007 Form Updates

The Emergent Task TimerHere’s the first of the daily forms to get a slight cosmetic 2007 update: The Emergent Task Timer. If you get distracted a lot in your workplace, the ETT is designed to keep you on-task and pace the day. It consists of two pieces:

  • A paper tracking form that splits the day into 15-minute increments
  • A kitchen timer that goes off every 15 minutes.

Then follow these steps:

  1. At the start of the day, write down what tasks you are planning to get done, then set the timer for 15 minutes and GO.

  2. Every time the timer goes off, you check what you were doing and fill in a bubble.

  3. If an unexpected task or event takes you away from what you were doing—or you catch yourself doing something you’re not supposed to do—add a new line and fill in the appropriate bubbles.


p>Here’s an example:

Example of ETT 02 I’m easily distracted, and when I really need to focus I will break out this form or use the online prototype. The kitchen timer is key to making sure that a quick “email check” turns DOESN’T TURN into a 2 hour surfing expedition.

You can read more about the design behind the Emergent Task Timer, or just download the 2007 editions below:

» Download The Emergent Task Timer 8 hours » PCEO-ETT01-Standard.pdf

» Download The Emergent Task Timer 12 hours » PCEO-ETT02-StandardWide.pdf

» Download The Emergent Task Timer 12 hours, 5min bubbles » PCEO-ETT02A-StandardWide.pdf

» Download The Emergent Task Timer 12 hours, laser-friendly » PCEO-ETT03-PowerUserWideBW.pdf

If you prefer online tools, then give the Flash Prototype a spin. It’s still pretty rough, but it gives you the 15-minute timer and a way of noting your time. The finished tool will allow you rearranging items, scroll, and so forth, but for now this is what’s available. You can print out the forms at the end of the day.