My Favorite Website

My Favorite Website

A buddy IM’d me just now, faced with the unenviable position of having to pick a favorite website out of zillions. I figured I would be just as screwed, but then something popped into my head, and I realized I truly did have a favorite!

It’s HybridWorks, the website of some kind of graphic design studio in Japan.

Visit Site Why is it my favorite out of many more, um, useful and perhaps informative sites? Well…this is the site that has absolutely the most masterful use of color I’ve even seen online anywhere. There’s not one sour note, colorwise, that I’ve been able to find. I love the boldness of the illustration, and again the use of color gradients is simply outstanding. The artist or artists have a keen grasp of subtle color complements, accents, tone, proportion, and form. And if that isn’t enough, the interaction is crisp and to-the-point, well-sequenced, and mesmerizing to watch. The level of pixel craftsmanship is also very very high.

There are a lot of sites like that, so I think what puts it over the top for me is its baffling and mysterious nature. I find myself drawn into it in a way that is kind of hard to explain, so I’ll just give up and say I just like it unconditionally; that’s a rare and wonderful thing. The site may speak a secret language that only my innermost subconscious thoughts can understand. Take, for example, The iCorn Movie…what the heck is that about? Every time I watch it, though, I am a little bit changed for the better.



  1. Anton 16 years ago

    Whoa! Corn.

    Thank you for turning me on to (yet another) feed.
    (Pun intended.)

    Love the site and your content. The only problem (ha) is you produce, at times, such prolific and useful content that it takes me days to keep pace with what you write.

    Don’t stop! Great energy, man. Thanks for everything you share here.



  2. Travis Vocino 16 years ago

    I really like the shop site for some reason, actually:

    The full-length image on the left is a neat look.  Would look nice in a blog situation.

  3. JIm Rait 16 years ago

    Its a terrific traffic cone movie… the secret life of a traffic cone that wants to go green or something! A morning radio DJ Terry Wogan spent month’s talking about how they were taking over alkl our motorways back in the 90’s… wondered where they went.

  4. Norm 13 years ago

    Not into the audio. but very sophisticated site, and loads fast… hybridworks.