Emergent Task Planner Mods!

There’s a neat post by GTD Wannabe on her adaptation of the Emergent Task Planner form I made a few weeks ago. She’s added some features from the Emergent Task Timer, as it’s her favorite form, but wanted to incorporate some additional elements.

I like the idea of showing the critical path of work during the day, and the refactoring of the time blocks into time block columns. Instead of using different-sized blocks, she uses blocks that are all the same size (15 minutes). The multiple columns remain for A-E level tasks. It’s a very nice solution to the inflexibility issue that people had with the original ETP. In my case, I wanted the inflexibility, because I was using this form to make my time fit into boxes. I’m starting to think that this, for me, is like trying to hold back the ocean. I’ve been thinking of adding a timeblock line to the Emergent Task Time itself, but I like this solution better. Sweet!

Read the post on GTD Wannabe: »Inspired by the Printable CEO