Minor Update to Emergent Task Timer Online

Minor Update to Emergent Task Timer Online

Quick note on the Emergent Task Timer Online: I have updated the data saving to be hopefully more robust. If you were experiencing data loss, hopefully that problem is gone. If you ARE losing data, please report this to me. Unless you like losing data. In particular, text changes to the descriptions should now be automatically saved after you pause typing for about a second.

If you want to watch the saving queue to see when it’s updating, get into the console and type dbg tracesave and you’ll be able to see when and what is being saved at any given time.

The current version is 06-0803X; if you don’t see this, then try force-refreshing your browser.


Someone asked for a stand-alone projector version; they are now available on the ETT Alpha page. Note that they use different cookies than the online version, and I think the cookie is also dependent on the filename of the projector file. This will go away once I get some time to implement saving to a central server. If anyone has some tips on the best way to implement a user administration system in PHP4, I could use them :-)