Iconfactory Website Version 6.0!

Iconfactory Website Version 6.0!

Visit Site In case you missed it, the guys and gals at The Iconfactory have launched their brand-spankin’ new website! For those of you unfamiliar with The Iconfactory, they’re a design firm that produces some of the most beautiful, cleanly-rendered icon art you’re likely to come across. Their work is just superbly executed; here’s a small sampling:

Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site

The Iconfactory story is really cool…they started doing free icons for fun 10 years ago, eventually expanding into the commercial design studio they are today, producing not only excellent stock icons for GUI designers, but also custom design for some of the most recognizeable brands on the planet. That they did this by being themselves—passionate, talented, and incredibly down-to-earth—makes their success story even more inspiring. Ged and Talos taught me how to use Photoshop back in 1993 when we were all graduate students in Computer Graphic Design, so I am admittedly biased favorably toward them personally. But just look at the work…I think you will find that it speaks for itself, loudly and clearly. It kicks ass!

Congratulations on the new site, guys! It’s great!