GTD Gmail

GTD Gmail

Reader Jonathan Fricke passed along this link to GTD Gmail, which is a plugin for the Firefox Web Browser that integrates “Getting Things Done” with Google’s GMail service.

I haven’t tried this myself, not being a regular Gmail user, but I liked the premise:

GTD is built on the notion that a person’s mind is a very ineffectual place to store their todo list. It aims to move these lists somewhere else, freeing the brain to concentrate on the task at hand. Enter Gmail… […] Gmail has long been identified (see Bryan Murdaugh’s Whitepaper) as a very good tool for GTD. It has a simple interface, plentiful storage, effective label system a basic approach to storage (just Inbox and Archive). The ‘Conversation’ concept is perfect for efficiently linking tasks and other data – again promoting simplicity and personal effectiveness.

I like the idea of agregating tasks into a single workspace for simplicity, so if you’re already using Gmail as your primary mail system, a system like this probably would work out well. Maybe I should consider transitioning away from regular POP/IMAP. I’ve also heard of solutions that integrate into Outlook and Entourage, but I have traditionally shied away from Microsoft’s mail programs because once you’re in, you can’t leave because of their awful crash-prone mail exporting tools. At least, that was the case a few years ago.

Very interesting idea!