Concrete Goal Tracking for the Non-Freelancer

Concrete Goal Tracking for the Non-Freelancer

Last week I asked if anyone wanted to share how they were adapting the Concrete Goals Tracker, AKA the “Original Printable CEO”, for their own use.

Zoarazul is the first person to mail in a report; she’s written a nice blog post about her experiences with not only the PCEO, but other systems she’s using as well. She’s got two lists, one for her job in media management, and one for home. She writes:

It took several attempts to come up with my final lists — finding the happy space between “too generic” and “too specific” took some time to figure out, especially with the work version.

Check out her post to see the actual lists. Thanks Zoar for writing about it!

I know there are a few more people who’ve written up their lists in the past…I’ll see if I can gather a set of links in one place so we can all have a look at ’em and hunt for patterns. I’ve been curious to see what’s been working and what hasn’t, as the 1-yr anniversary of the first release is coming up fast. It would be cool to get a sense of how well it’s worked for people, and what hasn’t worked.