Task Progress Tracker Update: Monochrome “Power User” Edition

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As I wrote earlier, I’m going to be using the Task Progress Tracker to provide continuity for the various project folders I have going. As I was looking at my old version of the form, there were a few improvements I wanted to make:

  • I recalled an email request lay May about creating a Power User Version, without the description at the top, more lines, and an area for an outcome near the end. Sounded like a good idea.

  • There was a person (unfortunately, I can’t find the reference) who mentioned he had used the TPT as a kind of project summary sheet for new projects at his company. A more streamlined sheet, I thought, might help him and others out.

  • The recent comments about problems with laser printers has been on my mind, so I figured I would make my new version laser printer friendly.

  • There were unused areas of the form that I didn’t use, nor have I heard of anyone really using them, so I wanted to strip them out for a cleaner look.

  • The visual vocabulary for the various Printable CEO forms has been refined somewhat since the very first forms, so why not clean up the overall look?


p>So I spent about 90 minutes cleaning up this form, and it’s now available for download. If you’re not familiar with the TPT, you might want to read more about the philosophy behind the design. The basic idea is that this is a form of To Do list that takes time-spent into account, allowing you to have a sense of progress even when you can’t check off that DONE box right away.

Notes: Designing for Laser Printers

For those of you using laser printers, I’d like to know if this form appears usable to you. In general I made all the text use 100% black, and used finer line weights instead of tone to control visual contrast.

Where I’m using tone is in the halftoned 25% gray backgrounds. This shouldn’t bug too many people, though on lower-resolution laser printers some of the label text may look a little ragged.

I may not have chosen exactly the right value for a decent halftone—the ideal value depends on the halftoning algorithm and the default line screen that your laser printer uses—so short of spitting out a giant 1-bit TIFF file this will probably have to do.

One nice thing about laser printers is that you can generally print black & white detail much smaller and still retain sharpness. Yay!

Download the Power User Edition of the Task Progress Tracker

» Download Task Progress Tracker TPT02 Power User Edition » PCEO-TPT02-PowerUserBW.pdf

Feedback is, as always, most welcome! Enjoy!