Good, Cheap Subversion Hosting?

Good, Cheap Subversion Hosting?

This is a geeky posting; some of you may wish to avert your eyes :-)

I’m running my Subversion server off my cable modem connection, using dynamic DNS to allow outside peeps to get in. I’m thinking of hosting some source code examples publically, and am thus seeking a hosted subversion solution that’s:

  1. Inexpensive (w/ multiple users and multiple projects)
  2. Reliable (availability, backed up)
  3. Usable web interface (that is not ugly or confusing)
  4. Issue tracking a bonus (if it doesn’t suck)

Thought I’d ask to see if anyone had any strong opinions on this. Assume inexpensive means free to maybe 10 bucks a month. A service that has multiple levels of service and ease of upgrade/downgrade would probably be ideal.

I’ll post what I find in a few days.


  1. Marco Fabbri 16 years ago

    If you are interested in having a well integrated versioning + issue tracking system I suggest you to take a look at Trac (if features also an integrated wiki) On the wiki/documentation site there is a page listing commercial services


  2. Andy 16 years ago

    Hey man,

    CVS dude are pretty good, and despite the name, do subversion hosting as well as CVS!  They’re free for up to a 2MB project I believe, anything else you pay – a copy ‘n’ paste off their website:

    * 200 Megabytes of disk space
    * 4 Authorized accounts
    * 1 allowable module/project
    * 5 Alert Notifications
    * Diffs of files attached to email notifications ?
    * Unlimited Monthly transfer
    * Unlimited Email Support
    * Backups taken every 10 minutes !


    3 Months   USD 30.00
    6 Months   USD 60.00
    12 Months   USD 105.00

  3. Dr Nic 16 years ago

    If all the code/examples are public-access then perhaps Has “Anonymous Subversion Access” – and bug notifications.

    Not sure why I’m assuming you’ve got Ruby code to share, but I’m sure once you’ve got an account and asked for project space, you can put anything you like on your SVN acct.

  4. Phil Newton 16 years ago

    Two that come to mind are and I’ve used WebSvn as a web based front-end on a local server.

    I’ve thought about hosting source code myself using SVN, so I’ll be interested to see what you dig up.

  5. Karl G 16 years ago

    I just recently moved from linode to tektonic and I’m happy with the switch. You’ll have to admin the server, but you can put whatever you want on it.

  6. Dan Martell 16 years ago

    I’ve used in the past, and was very happy with the setup speed, TRAC integration, and cost.

  7. Dave Seah 16 years ago

    Thanks for all the great suggestions! Someone also wrote in and noted that DreamHost includes Subversion Hosting as part of their plans. Very interesting! Maybe I should move hosts, though that would be a big pain in the butt.

  8. Mark 16 years ago

    I use dreamhost for svn and I like it allot.


  9. CarlenLea 16 years ago

    I was going to mention that I saw subversion as part of my Dreamhost offerings.  I have to say that Dreamhost is amazing.  I’ve been with them for 6+ years.  I’ve never been disappointed and they keep adding new amazing features and never raise the price.

  10. Robert 'Groby' Blum 16 years ago

    Yep. Second dreamhost. (Or third. Or fourd. Or whatever ;)

    I’m with them for all my stuff, and they’re amazing. Little plug – ask somebody who’s got dreamhost to give you a referral code so you get some money off. And they make some money.

    (Mine is ‘GROBY’ and gets you $50 off – I’m sure everybody else is willing to share codes with you too ;)

  11. Dave Seah 16 years ago

    I’m thinking now of either TextDrive or FutureQuest. I’m starting to hit some database problems (probably all those damn plugins I have installed), and I’m experiencing more database timeouts. This is apparently a limitation of’s database servers, so alas, it’s time to look for a new host.

  12. Robert 'Groby' Blum 16 years ago

    You might also want to check out Media Temple. ( ) Comes highly recommended Jeff Zeldman of And since Media Temple focuses on design clients, it might be a good fit.

  13. Dave 16 years ago

    You may want to check For just $7/month you get an unlimited number of subversion repositories, Trac projects and users. Their availability is good and they do off-site backups.

  14. Bali 14 years ago