Good, Cheap Subversion Hosting?

This is a geeky posting; some of you may wish to avert your eyes :-)

I’m running my Subversion server off my cable modem connection, using dynamic DNS to allow outside peeps to get in. I’m thinking of hosting some source code examples publically, and am thus seeking a hosted subversion solution that’s:

  1. Inexpensive (w/ multiple users and multiple projects)
  2. Reliable (availability, backed up)
  3. Usable web interface (that is not ugly or confusing)
  4. Issue tracking a bonus (if it doesn’t suck)

Thought I’d ask to see if anyone had any strong opinions on this. Assume inexpensive means free to maybe 10 bucks a month. A service that has multiple levels of service and ease of upgrade/downgrade would probably be ideal.

I’ll post what I find in a few days.