When is a Cigar Worth Smoking?

When is a Cigar Worth Smoking?

I chortled with glee when I came upon Leslie Russell’s “riff on the Printable CEO”: When is a Cigar Worth Smoking?. This is a great example of a concrete goals tracker list. Each list item combines personal satisfaction with the recognition of the tangible “worth smoking” metrics:

10 It has a complex flavor! Unique notes! 10 It’s highly recommended! 05 It’s new from a famous label! 05 It’s sharp visual design! Unique! 05 It’s well constructed! Blemish and plug free! 02 It matches well with a favorite drink! 02 It’s a gift from a friend! 02 It’s a social or business event! 01 It’s one you’ve never tried before! 01 It’s an old favorite!

I like to indulge in the cigar ritual once couples years or so, because they’re one of those luxuries that are surprisingly complex. Every good cigar is a handmade work of art that is consumed in a single sitting. Every cigar is susceptable to the history of its storage. Cigar smokers are sometimes ostracized because people think the smoke is especially disgusting (and it is, if you’re not the one making the smoke). But within every good cigar is a whole world of contemplative pleasure and solitude. Cigars are best smoked with a good friend, with a nice drink, somewhere away from the bustle of life.

» Check out Leslie’s Printable Cigar Tasting Guide on Flickr.


  1. Emily 17 years ago

    Heh, awesome! It would also be cool to use for wines, restaurant ratings, etc.


  2. beth 17 years ago

    I should’ve taken this with me on vacation.  Few things beat lounging on the beach with a Cuban cigar in one hand, and a fine Scotch in the other.  Now I’m back in grey, desolate, Ohio.  grumble