Stupid Spammers: The Battle Continues

Stupid Spammers: The Battle Continues

After installing the pre-release version of Bad Behavior Alpha 3, I have seen the amount of spam blocked by Spam Karma 2 drop from about 3000 to 5. Wow.

I have also noticed that the website seems to have sped back up…was it possible that all that spam hammering was slowing thing down?

UPDATE June 03: A temporary lull: “There have been 1807 comment spams caught since the last digest report 1 day ago.”

UPDATE June 04: 1307 comment spams (karma above -20)

UPDATE June 05: 214 comment spams (karma about -20)

However, how many comments with karma BELOW -20? Not sure.


  1. Marko Mihelcic 17 years ago

    Good for you m8!


  2. Bradleyscott 17 years ago

    I have been dealing with spammers to a few of my sites as well.  Spammers do slow down the system a lot, it was also crashing on of my clients sites because their host has MySQL limitations and the amount of spam they were hit with would cause them to exceed those limitations almost daily.

  3. Jeff L 17 years ago

    Comment spam sucks – I can’t believe how much of it you were getting!  The twenty or so a day that I’m dealing with is already frustrating enough to make me not feel like writing until I can get a good plugin to help with the problem.

  4. Elliott Back 17 years ago

    You should seriously consider Akismet and WP Hashcash!

  5. Dave Seah 17 years ago

    Jeff: Hey, don’t let the spammers prevent you from WRITING! That’s giving in! Besides, it is manageagble with these plugins.

    Elliot: Cool, didn’t know you had updated WP Hashcash! I’ll check it out!