Podcast Interview by The Glass is Too Big

Podcast Interview by The Glass is Too Big

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure talking with J Wynia for his podcast The Glass is Too Big. We rambled on for a good two hours, struggling through four Skype disconnects. The audio quality is surprisingly good, though I tend to fade in and out like a drunken bumblebee (suddenly, I have a desire to add an outboard mixer and compressor stage). I think the disconnects were due to a background software update that happened to start, undetected, toward the end of the podcast.

J has extracted a 24-minute chunk of our conversation, and it’s surprisingly interesting! I remember coming away from the interview thinking that I wish I’d had all the Toastmasters and communications background that J did, because he has a great podcast voice. I just snicker a lot and garble my grammar! But still, you can for the first time hear what my voice sounds like, and maybe you’ll hear it next time you read the blog. You can also tell me if that’s how you imagined my voice…it sounds really constricted and squashed to me. I probably need to learn how to open my mouth wider when I talk, or something.

Thanks J! I had a great time, and came away quite inspired!

» Check out the podcast interview at The Glass is Too Big


  1. beth 18 years ago

    This is exciting, I’ll have to check it out.  The Glass is Too Big is one of my other favorite blogs.


  2. J Wynia 18 years ago

    It’s funny, Dave. I feel the same way about how I sound on “tape” that you do. I’ve sort of forced myself to be OK with how I sound, but I don’t like it. Too much of the sound comes through my nasal passages and my own laugh on a recording is like nails on a chalkboard.

    Welcome to the insecurity-ridden world of audio recording, man.

    Of course, if you’d like, I can throw pencils at you like Mr. Tedrow used to do.

  3. Dave Seah 18 years ago

    Two words: NOSE PLUGS

  4. daniel 18 years ago

    I thought you had a “radio voice.” I was impressed.

  5. Dave Seah 18 years ago

    daniel: cool! Thanks! I wonder if it will sound even better with nose plugs! I’m curious what it’ll sound like :-)

  6. J Wynia 18 years ago

    Sorry to disappoint, but my comfort is going to win out on the nose plugs thing. I think the cure is worse than the problem.