Pixel Pushing Programs for My PC

Pixel Pushing Programs for My PC

I wonder what pixel artists are using for image editors these days. Photoshop is a terrible pixel editor; it drives like a car with bad [tie-rod ends][tie] with water in the gas tank.

It looks like these are the contenders at the moment:

  • Cosmigo ProMotion — modeled after the much-loved DeluxePaint package.

  • Ultimate Paint — another paint app, but says it uses the much-loved “brush paint” style of the old DeluxePaint package. Can you tell I love DeluxePaint?

  • ProPixel — another pixel app.

  • PxPaint — another DPaint clone, using .NET for Windows. Appears to be an open source project, but hasn’t been updated for a couple years.


p>Will check these out later.