Was checking out Jason Alan Moore’s post about making time for doing all that blog reading; I’ve been pondering the same issues. Prioritization! Pacing! Achieving Goals! Having goals! GTD doesn’t address that, so we have to go elsewhere for that illumination.

He also mentions a growing list of productivity-related sites on a site called listable, which conceptually is pretty cool: lists of all the best stuff! Or related stuff! I am not sure if the service itself will fly; it must be part of something greater like marketing-related data mining to pay off. Seems interesting though! Once I have my new blog reading categories set up, I’ll have to share the list.

UPDATE 9/17/2012: I got an email telling me that Shared List is a replacement for Listable, which no longer seems to be in operation. After looking around a bit, Listography seems to be another alternative that looks like it is building some kind of community.