Future Reruns

Future Reruns

I have amassed waaaay too many unpublished article drafts. In the spirit of starting up GTD, I have been going through them to deciding which ones are “actionable” and which will be nuked.

On the other hand, the list itself is pretty interesting, a monument to half-baked distraction. What usually happens is I write half the of the article, and then I realize I don’t really have a point. While that hasn’t stopped me from hitting the publish button before, for whatever reason these drafts didn’t have enough of a personal hook to get finished.

Here’s the list, which goes back about a year:

  • Computer Lockdown
  • ‘Me’ and Ideas
  • Museum Notes
  • Environmental Distraction
  • Dating Questions
  • Information Bleed
  • Textbooks
  • Freelance Times Three
  • TellTale Bone Sam ‘n Max
  • WWII / UFC
  • Promo Materials
  • Audio Acoustics
  • Dad Versus the Vegetables
  • Muji
  • Cheap Cameras
  • Cool Ideas
  • Onion Pie
  • Women in Industrial Design
  • Zen-Cart Install Notes
  • Local Coffee
  • Jazz Activist
  • Self Publishing
  • Notes on the PCEO, PART2
  • Customer Service Email Grumbles
  • Personal Fabrication
  • Dude, PS3 is Cyberpunk!
  • Finding Passion
  • Holiday Gift Grubbing!
  • Scoping Productivity
  • Finding Passion’s Stuffy Older Brother
  • The Romance of Teams
  • Documentation Styles
  • 3D Blast from the Past
  • Story Design
  • 2006: Finding My Niche
  • QuickPosts and Writing Style
  • Small Moments of Success
  • Mailing List for The Printable CEO™ Updates
  • UML Modeling with Actionscript
  • Why I Hate XML
  • A Critical Look at My Website
  • It’s How You Use Your Balls, Not How Many
  • Some Copyright Links
  • What, Me Obsess?
  • Inertial Tasking,
  • Inertial Tasks Management
  • Blueprinting The Brain for Performance
  • Foundations of Funk
  • Passion, Terror, Cooking, and Invention
  • Forgotten Role Models
  • Task Nuggetization I: The Difference between Knowing and Training
  • Coping with Education
  • The Printable CEO™ V: Makin’ Rain
  • Building a Platform for Expressing Yourself
  • Neat Interaction Project
  • Tyrany of the Textbook
  • What’s the Next Level?
  • Don’t Be An Employee
  • Animusic
  • Different Shades of Interest

I can’t even remember what some of these are; if someone asks, I’ll probably go look, but otherwise I’m just letting them sit in the database.

What’s interesting, from the GTD perspective, is that by scanning the list I’ve just processed it. All of them get a defer/later status! Woot!


  1. Emily 17 years ago

    Onion Pie! Onion Pie! :D

    (Er, if we get to vote…)


  2. Dave Seah 17 years ago

    Sure…let the people vote! :-)

  3. Emily 17 years ago

    I do like the idea of voting based on mysterious titles alone. :)