Another Productivity Block

Another Productivity Block

One of my cats takes great delight in knocking down all the pencils off my desk. And when I have to hunt for a pencil, productivity suffers. Maybe I should tether them (the pencils, not the cat).


  1. peninah 14 years ago

    tethered cat? HAH! thank you. i needed to smile today. I keep all my pens and pencils in a desk drawer because I tend to knock the mug down with more frequency than i really care to admit.


  2. KittyMomma 14 years ago

    One of mine (Artemis) purposefully steals pens/pencils when she has the chance and gives them to Hermione who bites the ends of them.  If they are pens they bleed on the carpet.  If they are pencils (we only use mechanical) the lead won’t come out anymore.  Thus, I must hide mine in a drawer.  And even there they aren’t safe …. my husband might get to them.

    Kitty Momma and crew