An Introduction

My buddy Senia recently graduated from the Masters of Positive Psychology program at UPenn, earning yet another of a string of degrees from schools like Harvard and Stanford. What impresses me most, though, are her insights about the world and how we as individuals relate to it and to ourselves. And instead of looking for meaning in complexity like I tend to do, she just points in a direction and says, “see that?” and follows up with an awesome question, citation, or quote. She’s also very present in the world, and I think this gives her the ability to see things that I ordinarily don’t; a lot of my more interesting ideas have sprouted from one of her observations or questions. I’m very pleased to see that she’s started her own blog at, writing about business, happiness and intuition. It’s about time, dude! Welcome to the blogosphere! :-)

Friday is Question Day at, and today’s question is What’s the best thing in the world? Making this introduction is certainly one of them, from where I’m standing!