Task Order Up in Two New Index Card Formats

Task Order Up in Two New Index Card Formats

3x5, 4x6 formats By request, here are 3×5 and 4×6 card formats, suitable for printers capable of handing those sizes directly.

UPDATE: Made a tweak to the 4×6″ edition for use with my own job-tracking setup…I needed to add contact information to each card. This is likely to be the official version from now on. Send feedback if you’re trying these out and need an adjustment.

Instructions for Printing

I tested these on my Canon Pixma IP5200R on blank index cards. The setup (Windows XP):

  • Selected the reduce to fit printer margins options in the Acrobat print dialog.
  • Also went into the Printer configuration (Printer->Properties) to set the paper size to 4×6″ or 3×5″ (portrait), depending on the media I was printing. You might want to make sure your printer can really handle this; some smaller sizes aren’t recommended depending on the model of printer you have.

As a bonus, I put interactive text fields into the 4×6 format, so you can type in your text in Acrobat before printing the forms. If people like this, let me know and I’ll start retrofitting this to the older forms.

The results look pretty good…I like it a lot. Cheap to print, sturdy, and no cutting necessary! Rock!

Download 2008 1-Up Task Order Up! Layouts

» 3×5 Card Version » PCEO-TOU-3X5-1UP.pdf

» 4×6 Card Version » PCEO-TOU-4X6-1UP.pdf

NOTE: 2008 brought a design change; however you can still download the 2007 version of 3×5 and 4×6 forms.


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