Task Order Up! 3×5 Index Card Edition

3x5 cards closeup By request of a Hipster-using reader, I’ve made a 3×5 index card version of the Task Order Up! I just laid 4 of them out on a piece of 8.5×11 cardstock.

I also reformatted the layout such that:

  • Accurately cutting the cardstock isn’t as critical as with the original design.

  • The “Task Definition” is on the bottom of the card, as this is the important part that needs to be visible when hung up on the check rack.

  • The “Hours” part is moved to the top, and will disappear under the check rack. Since this isn’t critical information until you’re done, I figured it didn’t need to show in that case.


p>This version is based on variation 5 of the Task Order Up! This is the first time I’ve tried making something for the 3×5″ format, so feedback, comments are welcome.

» Download 3×5 Card Version of the Task Order Up (4-up) » PCEO-TOU-3X5-05x4.pdf


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