Task Order Up! 3×5 Index Card Edition

Task Order Up! 3×5 Index Card Edition

3x5 cards closeup By request of a Hipster-using reader, I’ve made a 3×5 index card version of the Task Order Up! I just laid 4 of them out on a piece of 8.5×11 cardstock.

I also reformatted the layout such that:

  • Accurately cutting the cardstock isn’t as critical as with the original design.
  • The “Task Definition” is on the bottom of the card, as this is the important part that needs to be visible when hung up on the check rack.

  • The “Hours” part is moved to the top, and will disappear under the check rack. Since this isn’t critical information until you’re done, I figured it didn’t need to show in that case.


p>This version is based on variation 5 of the Task Order Up! This is the first time I’ve tried making something for the 3×5″ format, so feedback, comments are welcome.

» Download 3×5 Card Version of the Task Order Up (4-up) » PCEO-TOU-3X5-05x4.pdf


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  1. psg 18 years ago

    Dave, as always, YOU ROCK! :)


  2. Mattbob 18 years ago

    This is the awesomest version yet! Thanks again Dave!

  3. Jakob Heuser 18 years ago

    Thank you!  I’ve tried so hard to find a way to keep my tasks in order, and having color marked “orders” hanging over my desk and in front of my monitor was exactly what I needed.  It’s always in my face and I always know what’s the next thing to be working on.  (And the notes are a hundred times better than I’ve gotten on a computer too)

  4. Dave Seah 18 years ago

    Thanks all! If anyone is so inclined, I’d love to see pictures of it in use :-)

  5. The Key 18 years ago

    I personally use my HPda on 4×6 index cards. Must be my old eyes.

  6. Dave Seah 18 years ago

    The Key: That’s interesting…just quickly googled 4×6 to see what kind of use those had…they’re called “recipe card size” on some sites. That gives me some ideas…

  7. y0mbo 18 years ago

    Dave, would you be willing to make a single card on a 3×5 page for those of us with printers that can handle 3×5 card stock?

    Thanks for all the great productivity tools!

  8. stephanie 18 years ago

    This is such a good idea, I printed mine on pastel pink and I use them to organise all my tasks for my final major project at college :)
    Look at
    to see my pink version!

  9. Dave Seah 18 years ago

    y0mbo: sure, I can do that! How do I lay it out for a printer? Just create a custom 3×5 document?

    stephanie: awesome!!! that’s really cool! :-)

  10. Jakob Heuser 18 years ago


    Action shot up.  I actually use the order of my task lists to also help with prioritization.  Lacking fancy rails, I’ve made use of T-Pins to stick the task lists where I’ll see them.

  11. Dave Seah 18 years ago

    jakob: awesome shot!

  12. y0mbo 18 years ago

    Creating a 3×5 document should work great.

  13. ian stanley 18 years ago

    2007 please or even just drop the 2006

  14. Karen 17 years ago

    Levenger sells little wooden “bleachers” for holding index cards on display on your desk.  They’d work really well with these cards!