The Animating Engineer

My cousin John is studying Electrical Engineering at UCLA, and for fun he makes games and animates. That’s sort of like saying, “Noah once had to deal with a little rain”…John is a really talented animator and programmer.

Watch in NewgroundsHe just showed me his latest opus, Shoo Fly, a one minute animated story about a girl chasing an annoying fly (I love the character design of the fly). It’s not often I choose to watch a Flash animation frame-by-frame…but really, it’s that fantastic. This original piece is astonishingly awesome. Although the soundtrack is not original, all the writing, direction, and character animation is 100% John. The editing alone is phenomenal; it’s well above-average.

You may have seen John’s acclaimed Final Fantasy A+ hit Newgrounds a couple years ago. Submitted as his final exam for Japanese class while still in high school, John also did all the voice work in Japanese for multiple characters, on top of creating the 10 minutes of Flash animation that recreated the world of Final Fantasy in an original and witty story.