Emergent Task Tracker: Some Tweaks

Emergent Task Tracker: Some Tweaks

After trying out the original form for a day. Ugh.

  • I was a little shocked to see how many side items like email, AIM, website stats checking, etc were pulling me away. It wasn’t a very productive day.

  • I ran out of slots to track the various items, and had to double them up.

  • I’m also not restricted to an 8-hour day.

  • I’m tracking my sleeping cycles, which are really weird right now.


p>I’ve made a wider version (ETT02) than accomodates 12 hours a day and 12 items. It also reformats the notes area a bit to make it more suitable for taking notes on particular parts of the day.

I also squeezed out some of the extraneous text to maximize the amount of available space. It’s a little more cramped, but I find it also strangely appealing. There’s something about that big grid of bubbles that is triggering something primal :-)

» Download The Emergent Task Timer (12-hour) » PCEO-ETT02-StandardWide.pdf

» Read about the original Emergent Task Timer » More on The Printable CEO Series


  1. Friðrik Már Jónsson 18 years ago

    Excellent stuff, can’t wait to try it tomorrow.  Is there any chance you could post an example sheet, possibly showing what to do with the area below or what the three boxes in the beginning of each row are for.

    Great job!  I think this will be an excellent experiment.  I’ll inform you on my process as it develops :-)


  2. Dave Seah 18 years ago

    That’s a good idea…I’ll scan today’s sheet later and post it up.

  3. Dave Seah 18 years ago

    I am also starting to want a software version of this. The interactive design is starting to clarify!

  4. Friðrik Már Jónsson 18 years ago

    Yes, that’d be kinda cool.

    As my programming skills advance, I might just be able to figure something out.

    At the moment my limited skills in PHP and my mind full of other ideas I want to try (and limited time, thanks to college) are stopping me, but I’ll keep it in mind if someone doesn’t beat me to it :-)

  5. Donna 17 years ago


    I am not a 9 to 5’er either and would love to get a copy of the Emergent Task Tracker in the wider format. Unfortunately, the hotlink above doesn’t work.

    Many Thanks!

  6. Chaya Sara 17 years ago

    God bless you.
    Its so easy to use – even I understood it immediately!
    Thank you
    Thank you

  7. monsters 17 years ago

    Hi David, seems the link here is busted

    I want to grab that form for some paper based time tracking..

    Also, do you have a 3×5 version? i just got a circa 3×5 book, im hyped.

  8. Nina 17 years ago

    This system is absolutely genius!
    BTW, the link for the PDFs are a bit messed up but the wide version is here:
    for thos of you that can’t get it to open.
    Thanks David!

  9. MarketingVeep 13 years ago

    Can’t wait to implement this for 2011. Is it already here on your site? If so, I’ll find it. Cheers!