User-submitted Task-o-Matic Pac Man Variation!

A few weeks ago design student Adrian Pollardo asked me for permission to post up his variation of the Task Tracker. It’s based on the Destruct-o-Matic form, and it rocks!

Visit Site I love the pac-man retro styling…very, very appropriate! I asked him a bit about how he came up with the idea, and he replied:

My project was “setting up a graphic design pratice” One of the objectives was to make a “timesheet”. I disliked the idea at me college and looked for a better example, and came across your site through Blue Flavor, which referenced your site, which was very informative. Anyway hears my idea behide the asian font. i used a translator, mostly chinese. But I also dont understand japanese or chinese so I 100% took it off a trial translator. I personaly think chinese and japanese languange and writing is most graphical and artist, so it floated my boat. For a chinese or japanese person it might be very wrong. But it looks wicked to me.

Wicked is all we ask for! Thanks for sharing, dude! I hope you got a good grade :-)