User-submitted Task-o-Matic Pac Man Variation!

User-submitted Task-o-Matic Pac Man Variation!

A few weeks ago design student Adrian Pollardo asked me for permission to post up his variation of the Task Tracker. It’s based on the Destruct-o-Matic form, and it rocks!

Visit Site I love the pac-man retro styling…very, very appropriate! I asked him a bit about how he came up with the idea, and he replied:

My project was “setting up a graphic design pratice” One of the objectives was to make a “timesheet”. I disliked the idea at me college and looked for a better example, and came across your site through Blue Flavor, which referenced your site, which was very informative. Anyway hears my idea behide the asian font. i used a translator, mostly chinese. But I also dont understand japanese or chinese so I 100% took it off a trial translator. I personaly think chinese and japanese languange and writing is most graphical and artist, so it floated my boat. For a chinese or japanese person it might be very wrong. But it looks wicked to me.

Wicked is all we ask for! Thanks for sharing, dude! I hope you got a good grade :-)


  1. BradFitz 18 years ago

    Wacca Wacca – that rocks!


  2. Kevininspace 18 years ago

    Amazing! I love how your ideas get taken up and generate new ideas. Evolution in action!
    I’ve been contemplating yet another version of the task tracker: my girlfriend is a fitness instructor and it would be useful to have a task-o-matic version for a workout (number of repetitions, weight, minutes on the treadmill, speed, etc…). Also, I’ve been toying with the idea of a diet/nutrition themed Printible CEO. Vegetables = 10 points, white bread = 1, and you need to be within a certain range of points to get your nutrition for the day. Too little and you’re not taking care of yourself, too much and, well, we know what happens then!

  3. Adrian Pollardo 18 years ago

    :D Thanks Dave for sharin the goods!.

  4. Luca Gervasi 17 years ago

    Ehm… where is the download link? :$

    It looks useful…i’m using the Destruct’o’matic for my works but i want to try something new :)

    Great work!

  5. Dave Seah 17 years ago

    Did you try clicking on the image? Or the links at the top of the post?

  6. Kakurady 16 years ago

    The Chinese is surprisingly accurate (which the exception of “extra task sheets” which is slightly a bit long).

    The Japanese, I can’t say because I don’t know Japanese, but I think there’s gotta be something wrong with it…