Lazy Image Layout 0.40

Lazy Image Layout 0.40

Another update to Lazy Image Layout, finally adding the ability to delete cached thumbnail files. This was a problem for users who didn’t control their servers, especially when they uploaded a new version with the same filename.

What finally forced my hand was that my installation, running WordPress under CGI wrapper, was getting pretty darn sluggish. Though tech support said that the CGI wrapper shouldn’t slow down the server noticeably, I’m pretty sure that it does because it has to load a separate instance of PHP for every access to every page. I believe if PHP runs as a module within Apache, there is much less thrashing of resources. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow…I’m hopeful that the site will be more responsive now.

Of course, if I run PHP as module, all the scripts run as user nobody, which means that I can’t delete them manually from the shell. I didn’t know how to do this through PHP at the time I first frankencoded LZIL together, but now I do. Yay!

Go to the Lazy Image Layout page to download the new version.


  1. J Wynia 18 years ago

    Yeah, CGI PHP launches a new instance of the PHP executable interpreter for each and every request. With the module, it just starts a new thread of an existing process. A long time ago, I did benchmarking against both and it was staggering the difference.


  2. Dave Seah 18 years ago

    J: Thanks for the datapoint! So far, things seem a little more sprightly than they usually do at this time of the day. It was getting to the point that I was starting to get Server 500 errors everytime I tried to post something.

  3. dozer 18 years ago

    I just installed it over .36 and get this:
    LZIL: file not found:

    I put .36 back in and it works fine.  Any ideas?

  4. Dave Seah 18 years ago

    Dozer: Your file_uploadrealpath (the location of your upload directory) probably isn’t plain old wp-content, but a subfolder. You’ll have to wait for the version that allows you to set the path manually. I’ll probably get to it next week.

  5. kipsus 13 years ago

    Any updates on Lazy image layout?