Interview on mcville

Interview on mcville

Marko Mihelcic runs, “a community website where you can find smashing articles and interviews with some recognized people, as well as discussions on other topics like design, development, lifestyle, music and film reviews.” He just did a quick email interview with me; even I was surprised at how long it got. Goes to show how a little structure in the interview process works wonders for content, when you have the right questions.

There have been a lot of interesting people interviewed on the site, both people I’ve heard of and people I’m now thinking of tracking. I’m also impressed at the entire concept of mcville: it’s a nicely-designed community-oriented site that also serves a bit as a portfolio/promotional piece for a design company, but not in an over-the-top way. It’s a fascinating hybrid of community and commerce…I like it!


  1. Erik 14 years ago

    Now that the weather is finally getting better (supposedly we’ll see 60 on Friday!), try the iced chocolate from Burdick’s.

    Nice interview, I found interesting that we share some of the same interests and influences.


  2. Joan 14 years ago

    ditto on the interview. You sound like you write and you write like you sound.

  3. Glen C. 14 years ago

    I’d really hate to bring this up, but I just can’t believe that I got an interview before you. I mean, what?

  4. Dave Seah 14 years ago

    Erik: Hey, send me an email on a warm day, and we’ll do a taste test! I’ve never had the iced chocolate before. I’ve had the Godiva one (it was rather powdery and not very chocolatey).

    Joan: Thanks!

    Glen: That’s what MY thought was…why am I being interviewed when there are all these other cooler people? I remember seeing yours and thinking, “man, if only I had my act together when I was 16…”

  5. Glen C. 14 years ago

    Haha, I’m flattered.