Snores, Strikes, and SXSW

Snores, Strikes, and SXSW

If my sister says I should go, then geez…that carries a lot of unexpected weight :-) I just finished booking my registration, hotel, and flight, so I’ll be in Austin from March 10th to March 14th for SXSW Interactive.

I am an incorrigible snorer, so rather than find a roommate I’ve decided to just get a room by myself to save any potential friendships in the making. One time I was sharing a room with Ged and Talos at E3. After the first night, Ged, who never ever says anything even the slightest bit unpleasant, confronted me with bleary, bloodshot eyes: “Dude. You. Snore. Sooooooo. Loud.” I apologized, not realizing the magnitude of his statement for some years. Then more recently someone played me a recording they had made. I had never heard myself snore before, but I knew if I ever heard a sound like that, I’d round up a mob of angry villagers and arm them with torches and Frankenstein pitchforks, crying KILL THE BEAST! KILL THE BEAST! The IconFactory guys must have thought the same thing, as every morning I would wake up covered with pillows that had been thrown at me during the night. Guys, if you’re reading this, I. AM. SOOOO. SORRY.

Anyway, I’ll be staying with myself at the Hawthorn Suites by the Austin Airport. Thanks to JWynia’s email suggestions. He also pointed out that parking will likely be expensive, and people only go back/forth once a day, so cabbing it will probably be fairly doable (especially with ridesharing).

The plane ticket itself was in the $350 range, on United flying out of Manchester, NH. It ends up being about the same as if I fly out of Boston, once I factor transportation costs in. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone else is flying out to SXSW out of my home state. Most people I have mentioned it to have never heard of it, my sis being the notable exception because somehow she just knows stuff.

I also came across Bryan Veloso’s Bowling Extravaganza on the 9rules forum, and signed up. There’s a bunch of other 9rulers there too, really looking forward to meeting them! Here in the Boston area we have that candlepin bowling instead of 10-pin. I may have to get some practice in on a 10-pin lane, and buy my own shoes (bowling alley shoes == yuck)

I have about 3 weeks to obsess about what to bring, what to prepare, and what to do in Austin. Very exciting! I have a lot of catch-up reading to do too…I must admit that I don’t recognize most of the names of the speakers.


  1. Gavin 14 years ago

    Heh. Dude, I like your sense of humour. I still think about {doing without something nice} {senses} like MONEY IN THE BANK.





  2. Zach Inglis 14 years ago

    As you’ve seen I have a team. I haven’t bowled in close to 9 years so we all should be creamed.

  3. kartooner 14 years ago

    Screw “cabbing it”, I’m renting a car and would be more than glad to give you a ride. ;P Depending on when you get there (at the Austin Airport) and where that is compared to my hotel, you can even join the hippy bus (or car, most likely) for the to and fro trips.

    Email me, Dave.

  4. Emily 14 years ago

    Probably a smart move on getting your own hotel room. Yes, you do snore. Loud. Robert and I could hear your rumblings and eruptions from DOWNSTAIRS as you slept in your bedroom UPSTAIRS. :D I’ve never heard anyone snore so loudly except cousin Leng and this big barrel chested guy who fell asleep on a friend’s couch after a particularly crazy Halloween party. :)

    Have fun!

  5. Jakob Heuser 14 years ago

    I’m glad it’s a go!  We’re going to rock the bowlorama… or get drunk trying.  Your own shoes will be a godsend with that many people.  Not only because the ods of finding a perfect fit are low, but because a lot of alley shoes have addopted a smooth sole save for a rubber heal- it makes followthrough a pain.

    Amusingly, I’d sleep right through your snoring.  It’s when people try and tiptoe around me I awake with a startle.  My coworkers have finally learned this when I fall asleep at-office from that mix of work and schooling.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

  6. Matt Jones 14 years ago

    I wish I could make it but I’ll be busy and I don’t really have the money for it. Since it seems like everyone in the world will be there, atleast I’ll get to read all the great posts!

    Have fun guys!

  7. Jeff L 14 years ago

    Hey man, I’m flying out of Manchester to head to SXSW myself.  On Southwest though, got round trip for $300.

    I sent you an email via your contact form…

  8. Sam 14 years ago

    Check out the free concerts..they’re often as good as the ones you need your SXSW wristband for (Waterlook Records frequently has great free concerts).  If you’re at the Waterloo on Sixth & Lamar drop into Amy’s ice-cream (my favorite is Mexican Vanilla with strawberries).  If you see a Taco Shack around breakfast time drop in and have a couple of breakfast tacos (egg and chorizo for me)…South Congress (just south of the river) has some great restaraunts…near the convention center it’s mostly chains..Ironworks BBQ was a college haunt (used to be cheap ribs but it’s gotten expensive)

    Feel like walking some of this food off…a walk around the Town Lake trail (by the river is pleasant…it’s safe in the daylight hours..I’d head west from Congress…and do a loop at the bridge by Austin High School.  Oh yeah if you go to you’ll run into some good blogs…


  9. Dave Seah 14 years ago

    Hey Sam, thanks for the recommendations! I’ll gather that together for my itinerary.