I needed QuizFarm in 1986!

I needed QuizFarm in 1986!

The What is your Perfect Major quiz has been freaking me out lately:

You scored as Journalism. You are an aspiring journalist, and you should major in journalism! Like me, you are passionate about writing and expressing yourself, and you want the world to understand your beliefs through writing.

"Quiz Results"The freaky part is that I was going to be an English major before I decided I wanted to learn more about computers. My tie-breaker question was “writing” versus “reading a lot”. I chose “writing”…I’m interested in expressing my own ideas first. Didn’t know that when I was 18, so I ended up taking a 20-year detour through engineering, interactive computer graphics, game development, graphic design, business. Now I’m back to English/Journalism…doh! However, I can say that those other experiences have “seasoned” my writing perspective in a way that is generally amusing. And now I know for sure :-)

This also seems to confirm my earlier thoughts about “flipping my focus” around. Before I was very much “skills centered”, but never found that very satisfying by itself. Being more people-centric has been much more fulfilling.


  1. Joan 14 years ago

    I scored as Art.
    I should be an Art major! How bohemian!

    Art 100%
    Mathematics 92%
    Linguistics 83%
    Theater 83%
    Sociology 83%
    Dance 83%
    Psychology 83%
    Engineering 75%
    English 75%
    Journalism 67%
    Anthropology 67%
    Chemistry 58%
    Biology 50%

    Heck, don’t believe everything you read.

  2. David W. 14 years ago

    I shouldn’t be suprised :) I scored 100% on both Mathematics and Engineering, with Math eeking out over Engineering with a bonus tie-breaker question. None of the other ranked more than 50%!

    I half expected a question to popup up at the very end, “hey…. you’re a web developer, aren’t you?”

  3. Rory Francis 14 years ago

    Pretty impressive, I scored Psychology, my degree – BA in Psychology.  Of course now I have shifted to web design and development, but I find myself always approaching it from a focus on usability, accessibility, and other human factors as much as I look at the design.  And I, like you Dave, have been going through a struggle to refocus and rebrand myself recently.

    Neat tool, thanks for sharing.

  4. Dave Seah 14 years ago

    Joan: What, you don’t like your fortune? :-)

    DavidW: Heh…good one!

    Rory: Hey, we should help each other do a refocus and rebrand. Maybe get a bunch of people together with the same problem and figure something out!

  5. Rory Francis 14 years ago

    Dave –

    That sounds like a great idea.  It is interesting, there has been a lot of refocusing and rebranding going on in the freelance/web design world and the blogging world recently.  Resulting in lots of blog entries about “how to” brand or rebrand or refocus.

    Of course the obvious response is ‘you have to “know thy self”’.  OK, great, I know myself, now how do I effectively articulate and communicate that to the masses?

  6. Joan 14 years ago

    What fortune?
    Things were different when I had my own live in patron of the arts.