Web Site Undesign

Web Site Undesign

Live Updates In Progress!

The old site was based on a modification of the default Movable Type template, which I moved to WordPress 1.1 over a year ago. At the time I wasn’t thinking about advertising at all, so the dimensions of the old site didn’t take banners into account.

While it would be cool to redesign the site more carefully, it’s also true that time is money. A quick facelift to make the old site “ad unit friendly” gets me going now.

There are standard ad banner sizes, which are apparently based around proportions that work well on an 800×600 browser. My original layout was not dimensioned with this in mind at all, so I’ve had to widen the overall layout to accept three standard banner sizes:

  • the 728 x 90 Leaderboard
  • the 468 x 60 Full Banner
  • the 234 x 60 Half Banner

These correspond to the Google AdSense formats I want to use, so hopefully they will integrate nicely into the layout.

I tried a few of the ads just see what they look like, but the only place I liked them was at the bottom of the page, which of course is a terrible place for an ad :-) Tomorrow I’ll try the in-line ads using one of the WordPress AdSense plugins in selected posts. You can sign up for AdSense to play along at home by using the referral button to the right. Full disclosure: if you sign up through that link, I get a spiff! :-)

I never liked the cluttered appearance of the old site, so it’s nice to try something all white. The typography is still broken in places, the HTML and CSS is a mess, and some of the thumbnails have broken, but overall this is a significant step forward. Now that I’m looking at the templates again, it’ll be easier to add more features to the site.

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