Stacey Kamen Design

Stacey Kamen DesignI like surfing the Internet for good design, but I like it even better when I find it close to home.

Case in point: A friend of mine, Stacey Kamen, has just finished her new website for 2006. Like me, she’s an independent designer fighting it out in the trenches. Unlike me, she has no problem making a web presence that’s colorful and snappy, striking just the right balance of design, approachability, and commercial intent. Everything is nicely fitted together, and I am not ashamed to admit that I want to lick those Flash buttons right off the page. Mmm…shiny!

And on top of that, she can write copy that matches the tone of her design. Her voice is active and insightful, and not afraid to toe the line with phrases like this:

“Your logo is like your spouse. Changing it can cost you big. Get it right the first time with a professional logo designed by Stacey Kamen.”

Heh! The site fits her personality and professional standards, and that’s totally awesome.

I’m impressed, and inspired, and I can see I need to inject some personality back into my site design…it’s so subdued. That’s not the way I want to present myself; I need less “um” and more “awesome!” in the mix! It’s reassuring to be reminded that there’s one more person locally who knows what they’re doing. This kick-in-the-pants comes at exactly the right time.

Thanks Stacey! To a kick ass 2006!