Operation Contact

Operation Contact

Yesterday I read Shawn Grime’s post Contact Me, on how difficult it was to find the contact button on some websites. It’s a pet peeve of his. I instantly thought of my own site; my contact information was adrift in a sea of hyperlink blue. Shameful!

So I made a “Contact Dave” graphic. It’s sticking out like a sore thumb, but in a few days I might think of a better way to integrate it into the overall site design. At least you can see it now.

The graphic looked lonely all by itself, so I made a “Services” graphics to go with it and reworked the About page. It’s a funny thing, writing about yourself in context of business. I’m never sure exactly what I should say, but I have a good pile of material to work from. It just needs streamlining. Again, better than nothing…?

I hate the colors, but better than having nothing. And interestingly, I can already feel the burning desire to make real category graphic links to somehow save this floundering visual statement. Making one mark begets another mark, and thus productivity blooms like a thousand ulcers! This shame-driven approach is really working great for me. Ow.

I am curious whether having a very obvious “contact” and “services” button leads to increased activity along that vector. Does ugly beat out aesthetics? The Great Website Experiment continues!