2006: Converting Resolutions to Actions

2006: Converting Resolutions to Actions

The year’s gotten off to a slow start, yet I’m already feeling overwhelmed by the number of things that I want to do. There’s lots of new Printable CEO-related material to make, expanding the New Media Group, not to mention the big push to get the software development side of things going!

I’m feeling really good about all of it, but it’s a lot to do by myself. On top of this, I still need to make money to live. It’s obviously time to step back and do a little “production planning” based on my New Year’s Resolutions.

This became a bit more complicated than I originally anticipated.

Making a New Weighted PCEO List

My first step was to start creating a new Printable CEO weighted list, but before I could do that I needed to understand which tasks would be most fruitful.

I looked over my 2006 new year’s resolutions post and started to make them more specific. I noticed they fell into five broad categories:

  • Meeting More People
  • Tuning the Financial Engine
  • Creating My Niche
  • Staying Balanced
  • Creating Windows of Opportunity

All of these areas work together. “Meeting More People” and “Creating My Niche” are all interlinked with “Tuning the Financial Engine”. “Staying Balanced” is about maintaining my sanity, while “Creating Windows of Opportunity” refers to the state of mind that contributes to innovation.

So now I have to convert these into concrete goals that can be easily measured. If I don’t, my Printable CEO action items will not produce tangible results that have a direct impact on my business.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far as goals:

  • Get Steady Revenue from Great Clients — measured in terms of new clients booked and revenue received.
  • Get Out of Debt as Quickly as Possible — measured in terms of debt reduced.
  • Create Passive Income — measured in terms of checks received from passive income.
  • Create Printable CEO Product for Sale — measured in terms of products that can be bought right now.
  • Establish Software Development Workflow — measured when products are available for download to the general public.
  • Establish Local Creative Community — measured by number of new people who join our group and inter-group collaboration.
  • Systemize Processes to Make More with Less Effort — measured when any process is documented then reused with resulting saving of time.

I’ll have to modify my personal Printable CEO form in terms of the +10 and +5 items. As a special incentive to myself, I’ll only create the new list once I have some software to do it. That’ll be worth huge points. :-)

Missing Pieces

This is a good start, but there’s some missing pieces: I haven’t yet defined how to achieve some of these goals. For example, how does one get great clients? What’s the strategy that will get me out of debt? What is passive income?

To bridge this gap, I revisited the principles I established earlier to create a set of guidelines that theoretically will contribute to a winning strategy. The cool thing is that these guidelines are tailored to my personality. I won’t know until 2007 if they were truly effective, but that’s not going to stop me from posting them now :-)

Rather than post it all here, I’ll break each section out into individual posts and link them as I finish writing them over the next few days: