Site Updates

As I wrote earlier, I’ve been doing some site updates. The big one was finally getting off my butt and upgrading to WordPress 1.5.2. I also upgraded the caching plugin, the contact form plugin, and anti-comment spam plugin. Oh, and I switched from Markdown to PHP Markdown Extra. Markdown is a text formatting plugin that hogs a lot of memory, but allows me to type in entries without a lot of tedious HTML markup.

Why do I mention this? Well, if the site is broken for you, this is probably why :-)

Markdown Extra adds a few more features, like table syntax. I guess I should try it out:

keyword definition
keyword1 this is a keyword that has a 1 after it
keykeykey is the noise that a bird makes
elephantpants are the kind of pants that an elephant wears

I guess that works.

And Markdown Extra also adds definitions (the dd and dt tags):

In Russia, if a man offers to peel one for a woman, it means he is romantically interested. Via escapeblog

Yep, that was totally worth upgrading for. I have to add some new CSS to the stylesheet now to make it fit better with the rest of the formatting.