How To Draw a Frog

A Frog M. sent me this link on How To Draw a Frog. It’s a 12-step process, illustrated with clear photos. You’ll be drawing frogs in no time! Check out mine!

As I was following the directions, I was struck by how something so simple could be so satisfying. Once you have the basic Frog algorithm mastered, it’s easy to expand into fat frogs, skinny frogs, tall frogs, large frogs, frogs in trees, frogs dancing, frogs sleeping, and so forth. The possibilities are mind-boggling! Frogs wearing hats! Frogs driving cars! Frogs baking cakes and having birthday parties!

For about an hour I felt like a little kid again, aglow with the joy of being creative just for the sake of it. Not once did I stress about scowling clients, or fret over the expressive quality of my lines, or worry about not capturing the “essence of Frogginess” with masterful strokes of color. Instead: Frogs running the Boston Marathon! Frogs hanging upside down from church steeples! Hee hee!

Thanks M. for the link…you rock! :-)

P.S. The rest of the eHow site is pretty cool too…it’s a community wiki filled with all kinds of step-by-step how-to articles.