How To Draw a Frog

How To Draw a Frog

A Frog M. sent me this link on How To Draw a Frog. It’s a 12-step process, illustrated with clear photos. You’ll be drawing frogs in no time! Check out mine!

As I was following the directions, I was struck by how something so simple could be so satisfying. Once you have the basic Frog algorithm mastered, it’s easy to expand into fat frogs, skinny frogs, tall frogs, large frogs, frogs in trees, frogs dancing, frogs sleeping, and so forth. The possibilities are mind-boggling! Frogs wearing hats! Frogs driving cars! Frogs baking cakes and having birthday parties!

For about an hour I felt like a little kid again, aglow with the joy of being creative just for the sake of it. Not once did I stress about scowling clients, or fret over the expressive quality of my lines, or worry about not capturing the “essence of Frogginess” with masterful strokes of color. Instead: Frogs running the Boston Marathon! Frogs hanging upside down from church steeples! Hee hee!

Thanks M. for the link…you rock! :-)

P.S. The rest of the eHow site is pretty cool too…it’s a community wiki filled with all kinds of step-by-step how-to articles.


  1. J Wynia 18 years ago

    You just sent me on a nostalgia trip. I had a 4th grade teacher who had us learn to draw using the stuff from

    Mark Kistler‘s PBS stuff on “The Secret City” via video. I had a devil of a time remembering his name after reading your post, but found it and ordered some of this stuff for my nephews. That is after seeing if I remembered any of that stuff. Sure enough, 20+ years later it all just came flooding back.

  2. Dave 18 years ago

    J, that’s awesome! I had a similar surge of nostalgia (just from drawing), and also a sense of empowerment. Why can’t we as adults have more experiences like that?

    The Kistler book looks like a lot of fun too…I’m going to order it and try it out :-)

  3. Paige 18 years ago

    Hey, I can draw better frogs than that…I’ll probably send it to you or something. Don’t use it on the Internet without my permission. Thanks dude,

  4. Ben Matheny 18 years ago

    I like frogs given human characteristics like
    driving etc.

  5. Katie Griffin 18 years ago

    I love frogs my whole life I have always liked frogs. I have some friends that don’t like frogs and i think that is sad that these beautiful creatures are misjudged. I am glad that such a great web site has come out to show me how to draw such wonderful creatures doing humanly things like driving cars and baking cakes.

    See you dudes

  6. hope 13 years ago

    totally cute :) sending it to my cousin who ♥’s froggies!! it!!


  7. frenchris 13 years ago

    As a french i love froggies…in my plate !! ;-)