9rules Round 3 Submissions!

9rules Round 3 Submissions!

Visit 9rules NetworkHey, I just got the word that the 9rules Network is having another round of submissions on November 14! You’ll have 24 hours, starting at midnight, to submit your website for consideration. I’d like to see more New Media and Flash sites, personally :-)

You can read about the 9rules philosophy here, but you might be wondering what the Network is actually like…like, what’s the real dirt on it? So far, it’s been remarkably cool…the basic premise behind the Network is that when you get a bunch of content-conscious, quality-driven people into the same place, great things happen. It’s a network for passionate, creative people; having a quality website is the price of admission.

In a way, it’s a kind of club. 9rules doesn’t own your site, or your content, or tell you how to run your site. The legal agreement itself is a remarkable bit of writing…where’s the catch? There isn’t one…at least that’s the intention as I see it.

The experience has been like going to a good school: it’s not so much the facilities or the institution itself that’s important, it’s the people you meet. The member forum has a lot of active discussion on all manner of topics. It’s one of the best forums I’ve ever been part of, and the entrepreneurial energy is incredibly infectious; it’s the kind of place that a solopreneur would feel comfortable in. And, it’s nice to know that should I go to an event like SXSW, I would actually know other people there ;-)

So check the Network out and submit your website on November 14! Good luck!