Who is Pierrick Calvez?

Who is Pierrick Calvez?

dq #3I’ve been mesmerized by the work of Pierrick Calvez, but just who is he? So far, I’ve pieced together that he’s…

  • He’s involved with DQ Magazine, which is some kind of online art project presented in a Flash shell. Anyway, the magazine are in the form of a journal, featuring the work of several artists…very cool, graphic stuff. Probably not quite safe for work, though. Here’s a link to the earlier editions: DQ1 and DQ2

dq #1dq #2

  • He’s apparently a young Flash designer in based in Paris, and has won a French Flash Festival in 2002. His website Une Heure Cinq won an award at Flash Film Festival NYC in 2003. The work has a kind of crisp-but-delicate edge to it that is just exquisite.
  • He has a profile on By Designers For Designers aka BD4D, which appears to be an international media artist group. The BD4D manifesto is particularly cool: It’s obvious to us that there is a major lack of real-life interaction between creative people around the world. There is no scheduled time where artists and designers can relax, meet new people, and talk about what they really love: creativity. So we thought we would make time. BD4D feels strongly that there is a powerful reason behind the drive to create, and we’re not talking about getting a higher wage. BD4D is about having the freedom to talk about those deep motivations and ideas in a non-threatening environment. However, BD4D is also committed to steering clear of becoming an exclusive designer club. BD4D is for the people, by the people … By Designers for Designers. The BD4D website lists group organizers around the world: Germany, the UK, France, Australia, Israel, Canada, and the US. That rocks! They “curate” events, which I think means they meet face-to-face.


p>Although I’m not any more enlightened as to who Pierrick is, the work is still inspiring. :-) And on a side note, check out the features on BD4D for more interesting motion graphics / creative work.

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