And in 5 Years…

And in 5 Years…

Yes, I’m still celebrating 1 year of blogging on DavidSeah.Com. This has led to vivid dreams of bold colors, combining AJAX techniques with WordPress and Flash 8, and a lot of other fanciful features that only exist (so far) in my imagination. My enthusiasm has been fueled by browsing member sites of the 9rules Network; ostensibly this was to help me associate websites with the names behind them, but it’s turned out to be quite the parade of inspiration. Passion! Design! Authentic Voices! I thought I would pass out from overstimulation.

One site, Avalonstar, has been on my mind recently because of a mission statement I happened to read on it (bold emphasis is mine):

Five years ago, on September 28th, 2000, I bought Avalonstar with hopes of it being a site where I could always speak my mind and treat others like human beings (which was actually my slogan back in 2001). As I moved away from art, my focus settled on bringing people together, provoking thought and having a good laugh. Five years later, although it has felt like 50, I’m still focused on that mission.

This is eerily like the path I’m on: I’m leaving art (sorta) and finding that collaboration with people is what I need to be doing. And like Bryan already knows, I’m finding great personal and professional joy through this medium. The future holds great and wonderful things!

For those who are less easily persuaded by words, did I mention that GREAT PRIZES are part of the deal? Avalonstar is running The T-Shirt Contest of Doom as part of their 5 year Birthday Bash, and they are putting serious booty on the table: a 20G iPod, Sony PSP bundle, stuff like that! The deadline is September 21. Read the rules and bust out those mad graphic design skillz! The future beckons!