Tinic Uro

Making the rounds on various Flash sites is this link to Tinic Uro’s Blog. He’s the principal engineer for Flash Player 8, and he’s writing about all kinds of interesting tidbits about the challenges of developing various features of the new player, provides historical context for the reason why certain features didn’t make it into old players, and so on. Good stuff…highly-technical and informative.

Poking around into his past, it looks like Tinic was one of those developers who liked to dabble in lots of cool projects: starting an N64 Emulator for BeOS has got to be one of the best credentials for geek-graphic-ubercoolness I’ve seen; Zodius is a fast vector graphics library also for BeOS; in 1997 he wrote a audio player for BeOS. Anyone who developed on BeOS is probably an interesting developer to begin with. He writes an interesting opinion piece on MacOS Development compared to Windows. Very cool.