DavidSeah.Com In Review

DavidSeah.Com In Review

I have the nagging feeling that it’s time to redirect my blogging energy toward specific life goals. I enjoy posting everyday about things that I just happen to find interesting, and I’m glad that my friends find this entertaining. I’ve been able to reconnect with folks I haven’t talked to in years, and as a result I feel closer to everyone. It’s a good feeling! I’ve also learned what interests me and how motivated I am with respect to the type of work.

So what does that really mean? Where to go from here?

Here’s what’s on my mind these days from a professional perspective:

  • I want to create a successful practice, where success is measured by doing what I’m good at and working with people that I admire, trust, and like.
  • I want to transition from pure services to creating original content that works for me all the time. Force multiplier!
  • I want to do innovative things, which my buddy Scott has defined as invention plus commercialization. Commercialization doesn’t mean selling out or being evil.
  • I want to teach, because I enjoy it.

From a personal perspective, my greatest priorities are:

  • Find/attract people I admire, trust, and like. To communicate with, to work with, and to hang out with. By building the community center, if I have to. Like attracts like!
  • Tweak my working style to unleash the highest-possible sustainable level of productivity.
  • Practice happiness, compassion, and peacefulness without stifling my own ambition and drive.

A pretty tall order, I think, but I’ve realized that my most powerful focusing tool for setting direction is actually this blog. I like working on it every day. I am compelled to write every day. Therefore, I want to make a more directed use of it to drive toward my business and personal goals. I’ve been talking about this with a new acquaintance and heck…it’s time for me to step up and start answering my own questions.

So a new commitment: write about the development of the practice every day. I imagine that I’ll be refactoring the site and probably doing a redesign, but that won’t be for months. Let’s see if blog power can take me home!

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  1. Cool 18 years ago

    Perfect idea to use the blog to focus on results.