Actionscript Bootcamp: The Final Week

Jason is going to finish up what he’s got going this week. It’s going to be quite a challenge…he’s dealing with new concepts like event-driven programming, object-oriented design, time-based simulation, and just learning how to pull it all together. Very exciting, though it is an awful lot to absorb in a short time. What I hope he takes away from this is the basic Flash Actionscripting environment, some sense of how to write code in this environment, and just get going in some of these concepts. If he can get a solid, working, debugged screen-based interactive workflow, some time-based animation, and some kind of event-managed application architecture, I think he’ll be in good shape for further pursuit. We may do this again next year, since we seem to be having a good time with it. Perhaps I will expand the program.

Next week, we will be doing our formal review of the entire two-month process. The first month was design, which he did in Chicago. The second month was implementation, here in Nashua. I’m going to ask him to fill out some formal evaluation forms of what he thought about the material, the style of presentation, and what else he might have found useful.