Lambretta Twist

Sis sent me a link to The Lambretta Twist, an Italian scooter manufacturer advertisement from the 60s. It’s absolutely awesome. For some reason reminds me a bit of the the Speed Racer opening and closing themes…it might be the music (especially the horns), and some of the camera angles. It’s just so darn happy. Tonally it’s sort of like those Old Navy ads in terms of bizarreness.

Still from Lambretta TwistStill from Lambretta TwistStill from Lambretta Twist

We think scooters are cool; of course it was Sis who first made me aware of this through Chynna Clugston-Major’s graphic novel Scooter Girl. There’s also apparently some kind of scooter cafe in Providence that we have to check out.

Still from Lambretta TwistScooters are awesome! Too bad I look like a bear riding a unicycle when I sit on one.

Originally via rocketboom, which featured a mash-up of the Lambretta Twist.

UPDATE: I read on PocketPig that this ad was performed by Italian vocal group I Cetra. Neat!