Happy July To Me

Happy July To Me

I made some New Year’s Resolutions last December, so it’s time to see how I’m doing.

Here are this year’s resolutions:

  1. Build a new creative network.
  2. Develop an original concept into a project.
  3. Maintain momentum.

The New Creative Network is actually chugging along, and I’ve been meeting some great people who have a similar interest in digital media, yet with vastly different backgrounds. It’s been highly educational. The common thread, as Joan pointed out, seems to be an interest in narrative and storytelling.

As far as developing an original concept into a project: not much has happened. I am coming to accept that I actually do need a social-creative group around me to serve as a catalyst; in the absence of immediate need, I haven’t been feeling the drive. There are literally dozens of projects in the queue, but without an concrete audience I find myself moving very slowly. Secondly, I need to put my energy into projects that will either pay off in terms of (1) recognition / differentiation or (2) deliver revenue without additional work beyond maintainance. Software, how-to articles, books…things of that nature seem like the right general direction, but it’s a crowded market. Defining myself in terms of a storytelling / narrative process in connection with the great people I’ve been meeting and working with may be the differentiating factor.

On momentum: doing OK, but it’s not directed. Rather than worry about what I’m doing, I’ve tried to focus on the habit of just keeping moving, figuring that I’ll learn something from what I end up doing. One positive lesson: I’ve maintained momentum on this blog, and it’s been an immensely useful tool for self-discovery and, to some degree, self-promotion. It’s given me some idea of what it would be like to write every day. Could I do this every day? Yeah, I think I could. In general, I’ve kept moving with an acceptable amount of energy, but without focus. It’s time to establish some, now that I have a better sense of my operating parameters. The goal now is productivity, particularly of the cash-producing variety.

I’m thinking I need to establish a regular sleep schedule. I’ve always been terrible at this, but after talking to the mystical S. I’ve come to realize that it’s a foundation for maintaining a sense of productivity. With my “when I feel like it, or when it’s needed” mentality, it’s far too easy to be distracted. A little structure never hurt anyone. On a related note, the thoughtful M. forwarded me some information about Awareness through Movement, and the tie-in between mind and body. What really drove all this home was the one day I woke up at 7AM, well-rested and clear-headed, and proceeded to have the most productive day of my life before it was 3PM. If I could do that even twice a week, I would feel fantastic.

There is a useful byproduct of all that undirected momentum: I can now construct a revised set of resolutions:

  1. Grow the creative network! Meet as many people as possible!
  2. Partner with other creatives on anything.
  3. Develop an original concept into a tangible project that will generate attention or revenue.
  4. Start anywhere. Take small steps. Maintain momentum. And Just Ask.
  5. Establish new habits: Regular sleep, Regular wake. Build from there.


  1. Yaow 15 years ago

    Way cool post!
    When I was young, I heard about a guy who wrote down the 180 things he wanted to accomplish, and spent his life accomplishing them.  How boring!  Not to ever change your goals….
    So it’s WAY COOL that you’re re-evaluating where you are and what you want to refine and what you want to change, etc.  WAY COOL!!!  Keep on keeping on!

  2. Yaow 15 years ago

    p.s.  Aren’t those days amazing?  And then you can just play after 3pm!!! :)