Godiva Chocolixir

I was at the Burlington Mall the other day, and tried the new Godiva Chocolate Chocolixir. My impression: not great. I had the “Dark Chocolate Decadance”. The experience was marginally above-average, I suppose, for a chocolate beverage you would buy at the mall, but nothing to get excited by. I was at least expecting a deep chocolate taste that one would assume would be within the province of Godiva. And with a name like “Chocolixir”, I expected something of a life-sustaining kick to the palate. But no. This may stem from the powdery origin of the beverage; no yummy-looking syrups went in that I could see, just ice and powder in a blender. As a baseline comparison, I found the humble Starbuck Frappuccino a more satisfying experience. And their hot ‘n chewy Chantico beverage completely blows it away.