Godiva Chocolixir

Godiva Chocolixir

I was at the Burlington Mall the other day, and tried the new Godiva Chocolate Chocolixir. My impression: not great. I had the “Dark Chocolate Decadance”. The experience was marginally above-average, I suppose, for a chocolate beverage you would buy at the mall, but nothing to get excited by. I was at least expecting a deep chocolate taste that one would assume would be within the province of Godiva. And with a name like “Chocolixir”, I expected something of a life-sustaining kick to the palate. But no. This may stem from the powdery origin of the beverage; no yummy-looking syrups went in that I could see, just ice and powder in a blender. As a baseline comparison, I found the humble Starbuck Frappuccino a more satisfying experience. And their hot ‘n chewy Chantico beverage completely blows it away.


  1. seuss 15 years ago

    you ever post about that chocolate drink you had in harvard square? name of the place escapes me right now.

  2. Dave 15 years ago

    That would be L.A.Burdick