Eccentris – Sacha Dean Biyan

Visit siteStumbled across Eccentris, the slick website of photographer Sacha Dean Biyan. It was a winner in the 2003 CommArts Interactive Annual…commericial fashion photography fused with kickass realtime motion graphics programming in Flash. It’s one of the first sites I’ve seen that handles sound really well. The source material has been well-produced, and the programmatic (I’m guessing here) crossfading between beat-sync’d soundtracks as sections load in the background…really slick. And almost every transition is unexpected, with a spot-on sense of timing and motion. I almost wept. :-)

Visit SitePlaying “Follow the Talent”, I looked up the programmer Josh Ott to see what else he’s worked on. He’s listed on the Freedom Interactive Design website as a VP of Design and Development. The Freedom Interactive site is pretty sweet too, very playful. Worth checking out.