Klondike Choco Taco

I was at the local 7-11 to get a Slurpee®, only to find that the store was closing for good, and all their machines were busted. Quel horreur!

Thinking quickly but not clearly, I got a Choco Taco® ice cream novelty instead. Maybe the novelty of the form would rescue an otherwise disappointing visit to the convenience store, I reasoned in a haze of self-denial.

The Choco Taco consists of a sugar cone in “taco form”, with ice cream and caramel and peanuts heaped in it, then covered with chocolate. Now I usually like this combination of ingredients, and I like the idea of the taco. Unfortunately, this just tasted…well, not very good. Waxy-tasting chocolate coated the rather bland vanilla ice cream, its monotony lifted not-at-all by stale shards of peanut wallowing in a slurry of caramel. Perhaps it was the artificial flavoring, or maybe it was just a really old sample. In any case, it wasn’t to my taste. Kids might like it though.

I like to think there are “worthy carbs” and “unworthy carbs”. Fresh-baked italian bread from the bakery dipped in extra-virgin olive oil with a bit of fresh-ground pepper and basil…those are worthy carbs. Then there’s the Choco Taco. Those are 290 calories I wish I could have back.