Klondike Choco Taco

Klondike Choco Taco

I was at the local 7-11 to get a Slurpee®, only to find that the store was closing for good, and all their machines were busted. Quel horreur!

Thinking quickly but not clearly, I got a Choco Taco® ice cream novelty instead. Maybe the novelty of the form would rescue an otherwise disappointing visit to the convenience store, I reasoned in a haze of self-denial.

The Choco Taco consists of a sugar cone in “taco form”, with ice cream and caramel and peanuts heaped in it, then covered with chocolate. Now I usually like this combination of ingredients, and I like the idea of the taco. Unfortunately, this just tasted…well, not very good. Waxy-tasting chocolate coated the rather bland vanilla ice cream, its monotony lifted not-at-all by stale shards of peanut wallowing in a slurry of caramel. Perhaps it was the artificial flavoring, or maybe it was just a really old sample. In any case, it wasn’t to my taste. Kids might like it though.

I like to think there are “worthy carbs” and “unworthy carbs”. Fresh-baked italian bread from the bakery dipped in extra-virgin olive oil with a bit of fresh-ground pepper and basil…those are worthy carbs. Then there’s the Choco Taco. Those are 290 calories I wish I could have back.


  1. Emily 19 years ago

    Little Debbies, Choco Tacos…what’s with all the sub-standard snacks these days? :P Are you FEELING ok?

    Remember, you are what you eat…and ya don’t want to be “Little Debbie!” :)

  2. David 19 years ago

    We are at the top of the food chain, which is to say that I am not a cow for eating burgers, nor am I a tomato for eating a salad.  For my ice cream snack money, the Choco Taco is one of the best treats in its category.  It doesn’t rank up there with a decadent chocolate torte or mousse but then again, it’s not supposed to.

  3. Dave 19 years ago

    I’ll have to try it again…I am thinking my sample was on the very old side. You’d think that since it seems to be made of the same stuff as a Nutty Buddy, it would be OK.

  4. Charlotte Kastelic 19 years ago

    The matter of the Choco-Taco has finally floated up to the top of my consciousness and I went looking for anything about it that could be found.  In my area (Houston Texas) this most delicious frozen treat has slowly but surely been disappearing.  At stores where Klondike products are sold, no Choco-Taco.  I asked one store to please put a special order to bring it in, and the manager graciously did so, but since it was more trouble than it was worth to put it on the order list, she just gave me the package of 24 Choco-Tacos gratis!  God bless her for this delightful respite from a disappearing pleasure.  However, it did mean that it was not on the shelves and thus was condemned to fail in finding new devotees.  Convenience stores used to carry it if they carried other products in the line, but now I just have not found any place which carries it.  Does anyone know where it can be found in the Houston Texas area??

  5. Dave 19 years ago

    I checked 7-11 again to see if they had any more, and they didn’t seem to have them. I am thinking I must have eaten a fossilized one…

  6. Angie Manus 18 years ago

    When I visited the Virginia Beach area many years ago (possibly about 5), I got a Choco Burger (by the makers of the Choco Taco) at a grocery store. It was soooo yummy. Fresh and tasty. I haven’t seen or tasted anything like it since. I live in Alabama, and I’ve inquired about the availability of the Choco Burger where I’ve seen the Choco Tacos. But, no one down here is familiar with the item. So, my quest to find another Choco Burger in this lifetime continues. If you have an opportunity to sample a Choco Burger (and if it is fresh), I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  7. Belinda 18 years ago

    I just linked here from my post today, when I needed a good description for the heavenly Choco-Taco.  There was a time, around here, that you could get them at Taco Bell—why would they stop that?  It was brilliant!

  8. dj 18 years ago

    I’ve been on a mission to find a choco taco for a friend….. any clue who carries them now??  I did see them at Toys R Us (believe it or not) not that long ago.  But no more…

  9. Brand Geek 17 years ago

    I called customer service and they said the chaco Taco is an “impulse item,” meaning it can be found at convenience stores, gas stations, and drug stores only.  They said most 7-11’s should have them.  She also said that individual Taco Bell franchises sell them if they desire.  The Brand Geek strikes again!

  10. Bonita 17 years ago

    Angie Manus,

    I noticed a year ago you mentioned your quest for finding Choco Burgers.  I live in Orange County, California.  I and my son-in-law remember the fantastic Choco Burgers, and were greatly disappointed when Klondike discontinued making this delicious ice cream treat.  Bingo!  Last week I found at Albertson’s grocery store a new Klondike item called Nascar Bar.  It is a dead ringer for the former Choco Burger.  I thought you would be delighted to hear this good news.

  11. Jen 17 years ago

    My husband and LOVE these things.  We get them as often as we can.  They are very pricie. We get them from the ice cream truck.  $2.50ea.  Where else can I find them?

  12. Barry 16 years ago

    On the original post, you said that was so many calleries you wish you had back.. I think you got them back, you ate them.  Your wish is granted.  On a lighter note, I love the things. Too bad they don’t sell them in grocery stores.

  13. Lynn 16 years ago

    Can anyone tell me where I can buy a chaco taco in Louisville, KY – the two places that use to be able to go to to get my chaco taco fix no longer sale them and I would like to be able to get my hands on one.

    Thank you

  14. Governor of Crunk 15 years ago

    I love them. I usually get mine from the BP right down the street so you may find them there also. I want to order them from online in bulk. lol.

  15. Amber 14 years ago

    Go to walmart.com and type choco taco in the search box and it should tell you the nearest walmart that carries them!