Curry House

Curry House

Outside the restaurantHouse Foods is a Japanese company that makes Instant Curry. I love instant curry mix. I found out that House has showcase restaurants on the West Coast. On a recent visit, I roped in my friend Mark to take me to one near his house in Irvine.

I want curry now!The restaurant was manned by what appeared to be actual Japanese managers from the mother company. We were seated quickly, and with growing excitement I took in the decor: unassuming formica tables, fake plants…just what I would have expected from a non-nonsense curry establishment. I explained to Mark that this was no ordinary curry house…it was THE House of Curry. He was suitably impressed, having had no idea prior to this.

Mark's DishI ordered plain Chicken Curry, just like I make it from the mix. I wanted to know what it was supposed to taste like, and see if I perhaps was not doing it right. To my relief, it tasted exactly right. Mark, on the other hand, got some kind of Hamburger Katsu Curry: breaded hamburger patty, deep fried, with curry sauce poured on top. Looked and tasted good. They had all kinds of other dishes…I think I brought a menu home with me, so I can get an idea of what else I can try making.

Curry Pan is deep fried with Curry Inside!We got some Curry Pan to go. They’re kind of like a jelly donut in construction, except deep fried and filled with pipin’ hot curry. So, so good.

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  1. Emily 14 years ago

    I’m so jealous!  I like the action shot of you banging your fists on the table in anticipation of curry goodness. :)