The PayPal Wars

There’s an interesting writeup about The PayPal Wars: Battles with eBay, the Media, and the Rest of Planet Earth. The review discusses the general arc of the book, but the book sounds still worth reading for its grasp of the times:

Before going on, let me say that The PayPal Wars is valuable not only because it gives the reader an inside view of the entrepreneurial madness that was Silicon Valley, but also because Jackson understands the larger picture of which PayPal was a part. He understands the nature of boom and bust (this despite the fact that he received an economics degree from the decidedly mainstream program of Stanford University), pointing out the role of the Federal Reserve System in this latest sorry economic episode. That alone is enough to make the book worth reading.

I like PayPal as a user; however, tales of corporate culture clashes, greedy lawyers, and grasping government officials tend to make me ill. Which is probably why I should check this book out: to figure out why, and be better equipped to understand in the future. Via Arts & Letters Daily.