Star Wars Episode III

Star Wars Episode III

So here’s my Episode III rant. I went with my buds at ActiveEdge to another George Lucas crapfest. Finally, this entire series will be behind me; the circle is complete. I can get on with my life.

As I left the movie theatre, eyes bleary from trying to keep them open, I reviewed the latest Lucas opus in my mind’s eye. EVERYTHING, JUST FRICKIN’ EVERYTHING, from the action to the characters to the ship design to the references to the next trilogy…all of it absolutely rocked. I was completely blown away. I just caught my self sighing out loud. Go see it, and marvel at how a single movie critically bridges the two trilogies into one amazing whole by recasting it into, really, a story about regret and redemption.

My eyes still hurt from feeling so emotionally swept up in the grand sweep of despair that befell the Republic. Must watch the next movie as soon as I get home. Sigh.


Great action to begin with, but of course the movie is not without its flaws. Dialog is not particularly memorable or well-delivered. In some places, the dialog is downright terrible. I tended to look at the characters for what they represented rather than how well they acted, archetypes within the mythology that is Star Wars. I love Lucas when he’s moving people around in spaceships and things are moving. The achievement in visualization and art direction is astonishing, too… I am 11 years old again! I want to be a Jedi!

There are dozens of moments of foreshadowing throughout the movie that I found haunting. The ship designs had hauntingly familiar elements: the docking bays, the wing foils, and the TIE-fighter style cabin canopies were wonderful touches…it was an utterly credibly evolution of ship design that follows in Episodes IV through VI. There are final closing shots of Tantooine that mirror the first Star Wars movie that gave me chills. And critical scenes, where Anakin makes choices that ultimately destroy the people he once cared about, mirror the scenes later in Empire and Return of the Jedi. The fall of Anakin Skywalker adds an entire different shading to Episodes IV through VI. This time, we know the story of Obiwan, Anakin, and Padme. We know the real treachery of the Emperor Palpatine first hand. And we’ve seen Luke and Leia born to a mother whose desire to live has been utterly destroyed. Seeing them again in Episodes IV and onward, we’ll see Padme and Anakin mirrored in their every action. Obiwan and Yoda will be mere shadows of what they were in the Clone Wars, seen now as truly defeated heroes on a path to reclaimation and redemption. Not that any of this will come out in the dialog, mind you…you’ll have to watch that movie in the theatre of your mind.

It would be interesting to rewrite the entire Star Wars movies with dialog that was truly inspiring. I still think we should make an Open Source version of the Star Wars story.