NYC, Pizza and Complaints

NYC, Pizza and Complaints

My sister sent me a link to this blog, Eat Drink One Woman. Informative with a healthy dose of atttitude, it reads a bit like a Gen-X version of one of my favorite curmudgeons, Jeffrey Steingarten. She totally rocks, and her blog is now on my “favorite reads” list. When I get tired of reading about babies and pooping on Dooce, I think I’ll tune in to EDOW and partake of fresh vegetables and gourmet cheeses instead.

Continuing along the New York Theme, Sis is coming up to visit this weekend. She promises to bring a NYC-style pizza from Fellini’s in Providence. Our last NYC-style pizza attempt here in Nashua was a dismal affair. Espresso’s used to have a decent pie when I first moved here, but lately it’s been kind of “eh”. Is it a lack of oven temperature? Every pie I’ve had there lately has seemed sodden and slightly undercooked. The tomato sauce we also found to be slightly too sweet.

Sis also dug up this intriguing notion…NYC pizza vacuum-sealed and shipped to your door. I am skeptical.

Of course, I’m on this “change of food lifestyle” kick, which means I won’t be able to stuff my face with ‘za this weekend. But I’ll be damned if I don’t get a taste.


  1. Emily 15 years ago

    Yeah, I’m skeptical of the pizza by mail too but come on, aren’t you the least bit curious? WWJD? WHAT WOULD JEFFREY DO? :D

    I found another place that does this:

    We should order one of each and do a Steingarten-esque taste test!

    Bah, I’m hungry now.


  2. Emily 15 years ago

    We saw Ganda singing backup with Smokey and Miho…and yes, she does rock! :)

  3. ganda 15 years ago

    Is it horribly gauche of me to show up on my own shout out page?  Well then let me be unfashionably thankful for your kind words.  I was too pleasantly surprised to see that you were not someone I already know.  I will be poking around your site now, don’t mind me…

  4. Dave 15 years ago

    Nah, it’s cool…people do it all the time. Thanks for visiting! I love your food writing.