Milton Glaser: Art is Work

Milton Glaser: Art is Work

Visit Adobe SiteBrad forwared me this fascinating vid, the influential New York City graphic designer who waaaay back when created the I love NY logo, among others you’ve probably seen.

The vid, hosted exclusively by Adobe, features Glaser reflecting concisely upon the role of Art in Culture, teaching, and how wonderful it is to retain the ability to be astonished:

I think the most interesting thing you can say about your later life, is that if you can sustain your interest in what you’re doing, you’re an extremely fortunate person. What you see very frequently in people’s professional life and perhaps in their emotional life as well, is that they lose interest in the third act. You sort of get tired, and indifferent, and sometimes defensive, and you can lose your capacity for astonishment. And that’s a great loss, because the world is a very astonishing place. So I think what I feel fortunate about is that I still feel astonished, and things still amaze me.

I’ve felt the tug of indifference tug on me from time to time…these words will help me persevere.

On a more concrete note, it’s neat to see what his studio space looks like. It’s a working space, with tons of flat storage and a warehouse full of posters.