Hot Hot Hot

Hot Hot Hot

Zojirushi CD-LCC30When my Dad was visiting, he brought an electric hot water pot from Taiwan for my sister. He thought I already had one, so he apologized for not bringing one for me. I assured him that I had told him not to bring anything, and not to worry. My sister generously offered to let him use it while he was visiting, so we just kept it in my house until he left. During this time, we used it every day to make tea and soup on demand. I even used it to give my anemic coffee maker a boost in the water temperature, resulting in a faster, richer brew.

When my sister finally got to take it home, my house seemed empty. Tea took 15min to get prepared, and I constantly had to reboil the kettle to to make another pot. So I finally got this Zojirushi 3.0L Hot Water Pot from Amazon. It has three water temperatures, an electric pump, a dechlorinator. And heck…it’s from Zojirushi, the premiere Japanese kitchen appliance maker! Hot water, on tap!

Buy Me!I also totally want this Mr. Bento Lunch Jar. Look! The microwave safe bowls stack inside the lunch jar, which is insulated and keeps them work. TOTALLY AWESOME. If I still worked in an office, I would totally get this. Yeah, totally totally.


  1. Leng 19 years ago

    Ah, yes… I love my Zojirushi hot water pot. I think we have the same one! Except mine only has two temperatures—not a big deal. We even use it to heat up the kitty’s wet food if it’s been in the fridge or if we put refrigerated nutri-gravy on it.

    That Mr. Bento Lunch Jar looks way cool! Lessee, can I come up with an excuse to buy one…?

  2. Emily 19 years ago

    Ooh! As I mentioned to you earlier, I’d love a Mr. Bento too. But before I get one I think I need a new rice cooker that can sit around with warm rice in it, so I can make batches of rice to keep around. Zojirushi of course! ;)

  3. Emily 19 years ago

    Er…maybe the house felt empty cuz DAD wasn’t in it? :) He and the water boiler did leave the house around the same time.

  4. Dave 19 years ago

    Heh, of course I missed Dad! :-) But I also missed the hot water dispenser. Whenever I use it now, I think of Dad making tea. There’s something very soothing about it.

  5. Duncan 19 years ago


    What a clever find!  Yoosun used to bring the coolest lunch gadgets when we worked together.  The only thing that would make this purchase even better would be if I were still working with her, so I could finally one up her on the coolness factor :)